Changing Seasons

As this gorgeous fall rolls through Michigan I will be taking over this web blog, so I wanted to introduce myself as the new admissions and marketing coordinator here at Sensations Memory Care Residence. My name is Larissa Krem and I am excited to be part of the family here at Sensations. So far everyone has welcomed me with open arms and it has been wonderful. For a little background on myself, I was born and raised here in Michigan and then moved to California after High School to follow a new adventure but I am happy to be back close to family and the familiar surroundings of fall in the mitten.
With that being said, a lot of you keep telling me that I am stepping into some big shoes! Without a doubt I most definitely am, but with my work ethics and my vast experience I feel that I will do great here. Before coming to Sensations I worked as a caregiver for years and with that experience I worked my way up to administration and I helped run four RCFE homes in Southern California. I excelled in this position because I know how much work it is to care for the elderly with any form of Dementia or Alzheimer’s. In the facilities I worked at the caregivers did a lot of live in positions so we were the sole caregiver for up to six residents (per location) at a time. I took care of residents needing minimal assistance on up to total care and end of life. I had built great relationships with not only my residents but the entire families and care team involved. I do have to say it is an amazingly rewarding experience to take care of someone who depends solely on you for help. So I not only relate to the caregivers here at Sensations but with the family members that take care of and are trying to place a loved one in a facility. It is a transition for everyone involved and I want to be able to make that transition as smooth as possible. I want to continue this blog that Nicki started because I think it’s important to share vital information about the progressive disease that takes over the minds of our loved ones. If there is any information that you’d like to know more about please send me suggestions. I would love to share.

Furthermore I hope our families now and any families in the future get to know how much I am on board with being an advocate for you and your loved ones. As we all get to know each other I promise you will get to know how caring and supportive I am with doing what’s best for our loved ones. I have a big heart and feel like I can make a difference in any situation I am a part of. So if you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to stop by the office and share or just stop in to say hello!