Our residents will do the most adorable things! We’ve kept a little happiness journal in the park for writing down the nice things they do. Here are a few random moments when our loved ones made our hearts happy.

  • There was one time one of our residents walked into the park, and instantly started grooving to the music we were playing, then walked up to the Activity Associate working and danced with her. She even did a spin! We were all very impressed and it lit up the room. Residents and employees alike were entertained and the energy was high the rest of the day!
  • Another one of our residents insisted that if we saw a cat that needed a home, that we bring it to Sensations to be our pet here. I’m not sure how that will go over with everyone, so maybe we’ll stick with Pet Therapy for now! Ha ha.
  • During Bean Bag Toss, residents started encouraging each other by lightly clapping when it was their friend’s turn! It was so sweet!
  • A couple of our residents are quieter than others, but when we sing hymns for Bible Bliss, they start to chime in. We had one resident melt our hearts when she started singing “Jesus Loves Me” out loud, since we had never heard her sing before!
  • Also with singing, we once had a game of Pictionary put on pause because someone started singing “You Are My Sunshine”, and more people started to chime in. By the end, we had our own little choir singing the song (not surprising – it’s everyone’s favorite!)
  • While reading for Literature Laughs, I placed a book in front of someone while I read it – and they started reading it perfectly! Since then, we’ve incorporated more Resident Reading to our Literature Laughs, allowing them to read out loud to the group – exercising their vocal chords, their eyes, and their brains!

            It’s hard to keep track of all the smiles the residents give us and each other. There are just so many! We hope we bring smiles to their faces as well every day, and hope this blog of their positive moments brings a smile to yours!


Sensations prides itself on being a safe facility that specializes in dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Each of Sensations’ design elements ensures safety and security for our residents. If you have a loved one who has been diagnosed with memory impairment and are looking for information, please feel free to call us at (517) 543-8101. Our office hours are Monday-Friday from 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.