Our December Volunteers

In the month of December, Sensations was lucky enough to have a lot of lovely people walk through our doors. Different groups from the surrounding area came and volunteered their time to our residents through caroling, card gifting, and more! Every group put a smile on our loved ones’ faces and brought them Christmas cheer!
            There were some classes from Galewood Elementary School that came. These young kids not only brought adorable paper mice that had candy canes as their tails, but also read stories that they brought in to our residents! Being able to spend time with children is very beneficial to elderly people and being able to help these kids practice their reading means the benefits go both ways. Having intergenerational visits is appreciated and brings joy all year round.

We had a lot of carolers come through, like Patti Green and her women’s group, as well as Charlotte Assembly of God’s group of carolers. The women’s group had a great piano accompaniment and sang a few Christmas songs, along with a wonderful Christmas medley as their grand finale. The CAG carolers brought signs with giant “Fa la la la la” printed on them for the residents’ cue. They also brought little Christmas keepsakes to give to the residents.

Along with all these, our Thursday Pet Therapy friends brought in some goodies, Girl Scout Troop #172 brought in handmade Christmas cards, some young ladies from the Maple Valley FFA brought in fruit bags, and we had so many others that they were hard to count! We are so appreciative of everything these friends have done for Sensations. We would also like to extend a thank you to all of our staff members. Each year, our staff signs up for a resident of their choosing and buys them a gift so nobody goes without on Christmas. Sensations is very grateful to have such generous staff.

Thank you to everyone who thought of our residents and their families this holiday season! We hope everyone had a great one.