Preserving a Persons Dignity with a Memory Impairment.

Some of you might ask, “What is Dignity? And what does it have to do with Caregiving?” So I want to start there!

Dignity by definition is: “the state or quality of being worthy of honor or respect.”

What contributes to a person losing dignity when they have Alzheimer's disease or a memory impairment? What are the consequences of losing dignity?  

It is our belief that the key factor contributing to loss of dignity is the lack of quality interactions between the person with a Memory Impairment and their Caregiver.

Here at Sensations Memory Care Residence we want each of our loved ones to always maintain their dignity. We treat our loved ones with respect and honor them like family. While doing just that we create & follow an individualized care plan for each and every one of our residents; As well as create a memory specific activity schedule. That includes things like: music and pet therapy, games, trivia, reminiscing, fitness and more. The interaction between staff and resident is always caring, loving and kind.

To further explain, your loved one with a memory impairment becomes dependent upon you/ the caregiver to create a social interaction that creates a sense of value. The lack of interactions throughout the day, are often harmful to their emotional well-being. The lack of communication and feedback often leaves your loved one with negative responses and language that may be lacking in love, attention, and praise.

As the memory impairment advances, your loved one starts to lose their "sense of self" or "personal identity," making them more dependent on others to validate who they are.

This is why it is so important to maintain that communication, connection and dignity between caregiver/family and the individual with a memory impairment.


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Sensations Memory Care Residence would like to also invite you to attend a Caregiver Support Group presented by the Alzheimer’s Association. Held at the Alive, Room: FUSE at 800 W. Lawrence Ave. Charlotte, MI 48813. Every 3rd Tuesday of the Month from 3:30-4:30pm.