RSC Stands for Residents Service Coordinator

RSC is how we identify our medication technicians. We have an RSC on every shift. This person is trained to oversee our RSA (caregivers) and assist our Wellness Center when needed. RSC’s have an important leadership role that dictates or delegates what needs to be completed daily and during an emergency. All while still supporting and promoting the greatest degree of Independence for our residents.

When the team RSC isn’t passing medications, you may see them in the dining room, assisting with ambulation, assisting with transfers and assisting with ADL’s when needed or when behaviors arise.

Our RSC’s are trained in a variety of areas. For medication training- they are learning abbreviations, terminology, proper documentation, how to interpret and write doctors’ orders. How to input medications into our computer program, complete proper med passes, complete reports, completing intake/outtake assessments, completing vitals, basic wound care, setting up or putting together oxygen takes, and demonstrating proper use of concentrators as well as  collecting specimens, and piloting accuchecks and injections.

RSC as well as our Wellness Center work hand in hand with a magnitude of outside agencies such as, hospice, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, social workers, nurses, and doctors.

RSC are also an active leader when it comes to knowing who to contact in an emergency, (doctor, family, RN, administration, hospice or police, fireman or EMT’s). Also RSC’s are trained on what to do if a disaster were to strike.

RSC are also required to attend and participate in continued educational programs and have constant communication with our wellness center and administration.


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