Our Mission and Core Values

Sensations administrative team, along with the owner, has created a statement of mission, philosophy and core values. Why is it important to have a mission statement and core value you might ask yourself?  A mission statement and core values statement communicates the purpose and spirit of the organization to the public and create a framework for management of the organization.

Our Mission Statement:

To Provide care, comfort, safety, and security with Patience, Smiles and reassurance. And to be ever mindful of the need for laughter, hugs, and past memories.


We value the quality of life for our residents, as evidenced by:

Assisting residents in achieving and maintaining their maximum level of independent function. Providing choices and options, through comprehensive services, varied activities, and other means to meet residents’ changing needs. Preserving each residents, dignity, individuality, and freedom of choice.


We value our residents and families as evidenced by:

Providing information about services available, related costs, and policies relating to charges, including any changes in charges. Explaining the criteria for admission, discharge, and changes in the level of service, including policies relating to transfers from the residence. Where appropriate, providing family members access to information and involving them in decision-making. Identifying and recommending other needed services available through arrangements with Sensations and other providers.


Our Philosophy:

As leaders in the Industry of Senior Living and Health Care, the ownership and onsite personnel at Sensations recognized and takes actions with attitudes that support our philosophies. We recognize and respect the variety of lifestyles, interests, needs, and abilities of the residents we serve. We strive to improve the quality of life for our residents through an atmosphere of hospitality, wellness, and optimism. We provide for our resident’s emotional, sensory, intellectual, physical, social, spiritual, and vocational needs. We promote dignity, independence, and freedom of choice for residents and their loved ones. As an organization our philosophy, mission, and core values are only as good as our ability to communicate them, put them into practice at each level of our organization. As an organization, we measure our performance and Quality Assurance Program on a scheduled basis.