RSA Stands for Resident Service Associates

Resident Service Associates “RSA” is how we identify our caregivers. Our caregivers provide personal care to our residents in a manor conducive to their safety, security, comfort and preferences. They also help them perform activities of daily living including activities that support life skills, socialization, physical, emotional, cultural, and spiritual well being. The RSA also provides support for the functions of the culinary, activity, and environmental services departments.

The caregivers have a lot of different duties they need to complete within their shifts. We have three different shifts so every shift has the same, but yet different duties. They assist in personal care that includes, bathing, oral care, hair care, perineal care, hand and foot care, and incontinence care. RSA staff also provides dining assistance, transfer assistance, activity assistance, housekeeping assistance. They also promote and support the greatest possible degree of independence for their residents.

To be a RSA, you must be familiar with all the duties and standards of practice of a nursing assistant otherwise standard care giving tasks of another individual. A huge must with being in this career is to be highly developed in observation, communication, and documentation skills. Also, you need to be able to demonstrate skills required in all of the job duties. A RSA must have a minimum of a high school diploma. Have a certificate or license as a nursing assistant is helpful, but not necessary. Prior experience within this field is always helpful.

Our RSA have monthly meetings that are mandatory and are presented by our Wellness Center. In these in-services they educate, listen, and guide our RSA. They do this by education them about the disease, for example they did take a walk in my shoes. During this in-service there were different stations you went through that would give you a glimpse on how daily activities would affect you if you had the disease. They also listen to the caregivers concerns and ides so we can make Sensations even more of a “Sensational” place to work and be. Our staff gets a lot of guidance so they know policies and procedures to make sure everything runs smoothly. Continuing education is a wonderful tool to provide our caregivers; it makes them wan to always be better.

Caregivers have an amazing job, they get to help other people on a daily bases. WE at Sensations provide them with every tool they need so they can do their job efficiently. To be a “Sensational” caregiver you need to be patient, compassionate, and be dedicated. We are very proud of each and every one of our Resident Service Associates.